Tuesday, May 17, 2016


It looks like the Biggest Boss is doing what he does best..... making major Boss moves and helping young adults along the way. Rick Ross and the Wingstop Foundation (a nonprofit for Wingstop) will be handing out scholarships! 

The scholarships will be given to young adults (employees) and students from urban areas. During a recent interview with Bossip, Ross talks about the high drop out rates and how they would like to help the underprivileged as far as education goes. They will also be funding grants for groups that work to lower drop out rates through education and mentoring. According to GradNation, which is a non profit education advocacy, the high school dropout rate in the U.S. is at 54%. As far as graduation goes, the rate 

Its always Nice when people use their money for a meaningful cause, and Rick Ross did something great with this. Many fail to realize how many people are not able to afford school but would like to attend. This was a great initiative and though it is not clear about Rozay's involvement directly, he definitely seemed to be excited about this as he talked about it during the launch of Wingstop's online store. 

Congrats are in order for those that will receive the scholarship in the near future and to Rick Ross and Wingstop for teaming up for some Greatness!

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