Saturday, May 21, 2016


Over the past two weeks excitement filled the internet with news that Christina Aguilera would be performing with a hologram of the iconic Whitney Houston on The Voice finale. After news spread like wildfire footage of the pre-recorded performance leaked online & it was quickly very noticeable that the hologram did not facially resemble Houston. 

Sadly, the performance was cancelled by Pat Houston who is head of Whitney's estate. Now, Aguilera has publicly expressed her understanding of why it was cancelled, but is also hoping that it will happen soon. 

Read her statement after the cut. 

"I was honored that the Houston family asked me to perform a duet with the legendary Whitney Houston. Sadly, the technology could not meet up to the talent that Whitney possessed."

"I do know that in time the performance the fans and I have been hoping for will come to life."

Read what Pat Houston has to say about the cancellation of the finale performance HERE & watch the video. 

The performance was rumored to be for promotion for the Whitney Houston hologram tour that the estate is in the process of putting together. We can only hope that once that time comes things will properly be put in place & the technology will do the life & legacy of an iconic voice much justice. 

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