Sunday, March 13, 2016


Back in 2001 singer Sunshine Anderson impacted the radio airwaves with her electrifying single "Heard It All Before" that became a hit for the Summer of the year. The song made its way to the Billboard Hot 200 & came in at #18, but 15 years later the song has resurfaced.

During the time of the songs popularity the producer Mike City put together a remix that featured Anderson & r&b' vocal bible Brandy. The official remixed production is making it's rounds on the internet & for the most part many people have not heard it. 

Check it out below.

"Someone brought it to my attention that this unreleased remix what's floating around on YouTube I had no idea so I decided to post it myself after all, I did produce it…haha fun session/good vibes." Says Mike City

The remix has completely different vibe then it's original & instantly you will notice the breathy & beautiful tone of Brandy's voice. 

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