Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Earlier this month singer/actress Brandy released a brand new song in the form of "Beggin & Pleadin" that was produced by Pop & Oak. At first listen some would say that this isn't Brandy singing, but once you hear the powerful vocals & conviction in her voice you know that it's the one & only. Recently the r&b veteran chatted with Billboard & spoke in-depth about the record & all of it's juicy details. 

Brandy takes the Billboard cameras behind-the-scenes as she explains the song & how it made her feel while in the studio recording it. 

Check out the BTS video below.

"I like the way it sounds when I hear it back. It feels like I'm listening to somebody else and not me. It's like bitch what? It makes me feel bossy. Even if it's for two minutes and 45 seconds, I feel empowered by the story, the vocal, the production, it sounds fearless to me."

Check out the full Billboard story HERE & listen to "Beggin & Pleadin" HERE. 

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