Saturday, January 9, 2016


The past two years have not been very lucky for Australian rapper Iggy Azalea especially after she came under fire with claims that she does not write her own music. After taking some time off & staying out of the spotlight she is back with a new buzz track called "A Zillion" from her upcoming album Digital Distortion

At first listen it is very apparent that Iggy tries to prove that she is a naturally talented rapper & that she's been pre-judged by naysayers. The question is, does this start to the new era of her music stand a fighting chance to be a success like the previously released LP The New Classic & radio hit single "Fancy"?

Listen below.

It will be extremely important to know how social media will respond to "A Zillion" because quite honestly the fate of Iggy's music career is in the hands of fans & those who have questioned her credibility as an artist. 

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