Thursday, January 21, 2016


The past year has been very rough for Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, first her talent as a rapper was questioned with claims of not being able to write her own music & now it looks like there are bigger problems behind the scenes. After she parted ways with Jimmy Lovine's Interscope she signed a new deal with Universal EMI in the United Kingdom. With the help of her new label she was able to launch her music career with the single "Work" & because of it's great success she took over the U.S. market with the hit radio single "Fancy".

After a rollercoaster year in her career, Iggy has now revealed that she is not in a good space with her label & she has plans to once again part ways for better opportunities that will benefit her career as a artist.

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Azalea has Def Jam Records acting as her home label in the United States & has come to the conclusion that she wants to break all ties with EMI so they can have total control over her career. If you are wondering why, well here it is. Iggy Azalea claims that EMI was completely unimpressed with her newest song "A Zillion" that was released in early January.

"A Zillion" can be heard HERE.

"I felt like it was dope so, whatever. Ted Cockie doesn't wanna see me shine. What can I say? I could say ALOT - but I'll keep it mildly professional. Just wanted to let some of you guys asking know what's happening. I'm trying to switch to just Def Jam but Cockie is making it hard. They expect me to find a Pop star to wack onto a radio friendly song with me rapping the verses. That's what THEY want."

It is kind of surprising that executives did not warm up to "A Zillion" because I believe the sound of the record is who Azalea is at the core of her artistry. I will say though, the song does have hints of cheesiness, but I think it works & that it is a solid record that can make major moves on radio & could've helped to re-launch her career. Let's hope that Def Jam has faith in her talents & allows her to be who she wants to be as a artist.

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