Saturday, August 8, 2015


In a little over two weeks it will be the anniversary of the untimely death of r&b singer Aaliyah. Over the years since her passing her musical presence has been felt mainly because of the fans who keep her loving memory alive on social media platforms. Back in 2012 Drizzy Drake released a song titled "Enough Said" that featured unreleased vocals of the singer. R&B crooner Chris brown followed up with "Don't Think They Know" in 2013 & ever since the release of these songs many are wondering why people refuse to let her rest in peace.

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Last year the Lifetime network debut the made for TV biopic Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B that received many lukewarm reviews. Her family refused to be apart of the process as to why the film did not feature any of her classic music.

With everything that's going on surrounding if any new Aaliyah music should be released it looks like the fans definitely have something to look forward too. Longtime friend & super producer Timbaland made the announcement earlier today that a sneak peek would be coming soon. 

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