Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Late last week Janet Jackson surprised the world when she officially announced does she would be returning with the brand-new album & world tour. Since the news is still fresh no extended details have been released but since she has been gone for so long many expect that she will come back harder than ever. There is new details that have been released that she is currently in negotiations to sign a lucrative deal with Live Nation. This new deal will definitely help with the push of the album & the world tour. 

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According to Roger Friedman of Showbizz 411:

"Janet Jackson’s new album. We think it’s called “Conversations in a Cafe.” We know it’s produced by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis of FlyteTime, her long time musical collaborators. We also know it’s NOT with L.A. Reid at Epic (See: ‘Discipline)’, or at Atlantic Records. It’s probably not ready for July 10th, I’ve heard. It’s still being worked on.

However: the word is that Janet may be making a 360 deal with LiveNation, a la Madonna or U2 or Nickelback. In that case, LiveNation would handle the tour and license “Conversations.” Janet’s tour is going to be key to the whole thing. I think it could be HUGE. She cooled off a few years ago, got married, took time off. People miss her. With the right music she can make a big comeback now.
Why LiveNation? Let’s be reasonable. Janet’s not doing a deal with AEGLive, after Michael’s death etc. Right? And after album crashes from JLO, Mariah, and others, someone has explained to her that albums by artists of a certain age are not going to sell 1 million copies. So a 360 deal is just right.
Harris and Jackson have been dropping clues for weeks, on Twitter.

And which label? I could see Warner Bros., which also brought back Prince this year. And you could see Janet’s catalogue going there since it’s spread out everywhere. But remember– Virgin EMI was where Janet made her biggest deal in 1996. Virgin is now part of Capitol Records, which is Universal Music. That would be a natural fit for the LiveNation deal. We’ll see."

If Janet does decide to sign with Live Nation this will without a doubt give her new material and future projects successful push that it needs.  One of the big questions is, when exactly will Ms. Jackson be releasing new music?  I sixpack that she could possibly be releasing new music  by the very end of the year or in early 2016. 

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