Thursday, April 2, 2015


Back in 2011 Amy Winehouse passed away leaving many distraught & missing her music that connected with many of her fans over the course of her short-lived life. Now her supporters will have the chance to see a glimpse into her life with the release of a new documentary. That is being titled "Amy" The film will show some of the Amy's up's & down's of her life & a trailer of the film has now been released.

Check it out below. 

According to Ross A. Lincoln of Datline:

"Juxtaposing recordings of her music with haunting interview footage taken throughout her short career, Amy aims to paint a broader picture of the six-time Grammy winner, beyond the personal catastrophe that ultimately destroyed her.
From Focus Features International, Amy is produced by James Gay-Rees (Senna, Exit Through The Gift Shop) through On The Corner Films. Universal Music is co-producer. It hits British theaters on July 3, and while there’s still no U.S. release date, last night Deadline confirmed that A24 has snatched up the American distribution rights."

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