Saturday, December 27, 2014


It has been well over a decade since r&b/ dancing group B2K released their last album Pandemonium & decided to go their separate ways. During the course of their short lived music career as a group they experienced music chart success & built a strong fan base that consisted of screams girls all over the world. Even though all four members embarked on solo careers only the lead singer Omarion found success with his solo albums Ollusion, 21, O & the recently released Sex Playlist that was released earlier in December & he even became a cast member on the VH1 hit reality tv show Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood

Last week three of the members J-Boog, Omarion & Lil' Fizz had a small reunion at a restaurant in Los Angeles & after they posted a photo on social media it sparked buzz about a possible musical comeback. Noticeably Raz-B was not in attendance, but judging by a instagram post he has officially confirmed that they will be making a comeback sometime in the future. 

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A few days ago Raz re-posted the recent photo of the guys reuniting via Fizz's account that was followed by the caption:

"FYI! I got the call! We'll see what's in God will! CAUSE I'VE BEEN PUSHING FOR THIS FOR YEARS!!! Never run from your brand run too it! And y'all know it!

Oddly just three weeks prior he also posted a old group photo of the B2K with "reunion?" plastered across the picture.

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