Friday, November 7, 2014


Nicki Minaj continues to build her ever growing empire that has expanded beyond just being a talented lyrical rapper. Minaj has found success in chart-topping albums & singles, perfume fragrances & a very affordable clothing line, but she has a lot more tricks up her sleeve. Onika strikes a pose for the November issue of Billboard magazine where she speaks on various topics ranging from empowering women, her plans for continuing the expansion of her brand & she even talks about what she learned from her collaboration with Beyonce for the remix of "Flawless"

December 15th is right around the corner & Minaj is preparing for the release of her third studio album The Pink Print, but aside from all of the excitement of the project she has big plans to produce a television show sometime in 2015. The multi-platinum rapper still has plans on launching her very own record label that will consist of a rapper by the name of Brinx & singer Parker Ighile & she has her eyes set on her next big movie role.

Read excerpts from the cover issue below.

On being a boss: “I’m on 15 to 25 conference calls every few days strategizing with my team. I think a lot of artists sit back and have it done for them. Sometimes as women in the industry—if you’re sexy or like doing sexy things—some people subconsciously negate your brain. They think you’re stupid.”

On staying relevant: “It’s corny when rappers feel like they’ve made it and they don’t have to prove themselves anymore. You should always be competing. You should always be trying to show that you’re the best. My album is going to be important to hip-hop.”

On what she learned from her mother: “My mother always had this attitude that she didn’t take no for an answer. So I guess that carried on to me.”

On “American Idol”: “Thank God I did that show. At least I was able to show my true self, speak and have a mind.”

On “Anaconda”: “Everything we see that’s labeled as beautiful is very skinny. In the song I kind of say, ‘F**k them skinny girls.’ But it’s all love. I consider myself a skinny girl. I went overboard with the video to show that I’m not going to hide. And those big-booty dancers I have, they’re not going to hide. Black girls should feel sexy, powerful, and important too.”

On BeyoncĂ©: “There’s something about her work ethic that always made me feel like no matter how hard stuff gets, I’m not allowed to complain. Some women give me the feeling that where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Nicki plans on bringing her new album to life with a accompanying movie that from the sound of it will take her project to a new album level. Her label Republic Records spoke out about the movie stating:

"The Pink Print will include a downloadable short film with the iTunes digital copy. This 20 minute love story will be told via the music & video clips, bringing everything together into one cohesive vision."

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