Thursday, April 4, 2013


We live in a world where everyone has an opinion on anything & everything that a person could possibly comment on, but just because you feel strongly about something does not make it accurate or truthful. Last evening a talented singer/songwriter by the name of Ginette Claudette was a contestant on the new season of The Voice where she sung a rendition of Alicia Keys hit song "No One". After her performance Claudette was critiqued by Usher who is a judge on the show & stated "your transitions & your runs were a little bit bumpy, so those sharps or flats could cost you." While his opinion was great advice it was not accurate especially for someone like Ginette who has impeccable vocal ability & is a talented songwriter who has penned tracks for people like Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, Melanie Fiona Kevin Michael McHale from Glee & she is currently on tour with Far East Movement. As stated before everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a lack of attention of true, raw & effortless talent makes a person look bad on many level & questions their ability to recognize a beauty piece of art as it stand before them. For those you who may not know who Ginette Claudette is listen to a few of her song & you be the judge.

Check out some of Ginette's music below.

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