Friday, March 15, 2013


The past few years have not been very successful for singer Ciara, but as of lately she have started off 2013 with a solid comeback with her new single "Body Party" that her fans have expressed their love for & has recently been released on iTunes. In support of the single  her album One Woman Army that will be unleashed on June 4th, she chatted with Dazed & Confused magazine where she speaks about her financial struggles around the time of the release of the Basic Instinct album. Cici also talks her love for Hip Pop femcee Nicki Minaj & how her experience working with her in the studio.

Read the interview after the cut.

“Nicki was a breath of fair of Female Hip Hop because when she started there weren’t any females in her world. There’s only a few Female Rap Artists that have been successful in the big way she is.”

“It was over $200,000 I spent on promotion on myself. I love what I do but….it’s hard when you don’t see eye to eye with the team that you’re working with and our creative chemistry wasn’t fluid. Truthfully, the album shouldn’t have come out when it did because it wasn’t put in a position to succeed. The amount shipped to stores was very little, my fans pre-ordered albums and never got them. It was crazy. I was able to learn a lot through that experience, especially as a businesswoman. I believe in me-that’s where it starts, that’s where it stops.”

“With ‘Sorry’, I felt good about going against the grain. It was a real record. Right now Hip Hop is dominating the Urban Charts, and I didn’t want to roll with what was happening- I wanted to take a chance in that way’.

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