Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This past Sunday on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta singer Kandi revealed that she wanted to record a gospel song & of course many wondered why due to the fact of the sexual things she speaks about on her internet show Kandi Koated Nights. To help clear up any negativity she decided to express why she decided to take on doing a gospel record. 

Read the statement below.

"On this episode of #RHOA you see part of the gospel song I was working on. I knew when I decided to do it that I would be criticized. That's to be expected. I'm a single mom that had a child out of wedlock, I speak openly about sex on #KandiKoatedNights, I have #BedroomKandi, etc... I'm very honest about who I am. My great grand father & my grandfather were Bishops in The Church of God Holiness. I believe in God but I have always struggled with the rules of the church just like a lot of people. The song "Stay Prayed Up" is like a testimony for me. Hopefully people with a similar struggle can relate. I'm posting the lyrics to the hook. I'm looking forward to you hearing the whole song next week!"

Check out some of the songs lyrics:

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