Friday, January 11, 2013


Azealia Banks was one of the many new artists of last year & she created tons of buzz with her music & some beef with artist Lil' Kim that brought some extra promotion to her overall name. Now that it's 2013 the freshman is working on Beyonce's untitled next album, in a interview with Shar Reid for ASOS she revealed that recently she went into the studio to record a track for Beyonce.

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"I actually did something for her record in Miami a couple weeks ago. I really didn't want to say it because I didn't want to jinx it 'cause you know how that shit goes."

As of right now Banks is not very true if the record will actually make the final cut of Bey's album, but overall she is excited that she even had the opportunity as she stated:

"Oh my GOD. Even the fact that I was considered to rap on a Beyonce track was just... I'm about to cry. It was amazing."

So far we all know that King Bey has called on the likes of Justin Timberlake, Miguel, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland & The-Dream. During her recent interview with GQ magazine she spoke about the new album saying: "We all started in the 90's, when r&b what the most important genre, & we all kind of want that back."

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