Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ever since her mixtape days Nicki Minaj has been a artist who puts her all into her music when it comes time to ignite her craft, but Minaj seems to have more plans for herself. Over the past few months Nicki has inked deals with MAC make-up line & Pepsi making her name a household brand that has the ability to evolve into something great. Any fans of Minaj's knows she loves her fans who she calls Barbz & loves dearly because they have supported her since day one of her rap career. Nicki has plans on launching her very own clothing line that will be geared towards her gay male audience which she revealed in a interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

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My boys, like the gay boys, are like, “Nicki, please do not exclude us from this clothing line,” so I’m going to make it my business to have stuff that my boys can wear as well.
Also, it’s gonna build, you know? We’ll see how it starts but I don’t want to leave my boys out. They’re too precious and they’re always so supportive, so I’m going to do my best to include the boys and the girls on this one.

It's wonderful to see Nicki is supporting her gay fans & acknowledge them as people who need to be recognized as such. Majority of her fans or gay males & truly love Nicki & support everything she does, if you have any doubts just check twitter timelines & my point will be proven. Kudos to Nicki for her support for the LGBT community.

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