Monday, February 17, 2020


 Summer Walker maybe a talented singer, but the 23 years old obviously has some growing up to do. She took to Instagram to vent about hey frustration over someone stealing her laptop on a flight. Instead of just being mad about what happened she decided to take it to a very immature level. 

Find out below.

In the IG story post she wished HIV upon the person that stole the laptop. This blatant disrespect for people who live with the virus shows a very distasteful trait that Summer clearly has. 

She later posted a video showing that her boyfriend London On Da Track gifted her a brand new Macbook laptop. After receiving it she posted a IG message saying, “I feel stupid for being mad now lol”.

A person who is living with the HIV virus caught wind of her comments & took to Twitter to express their distaste. 

I am pretty sure she & her fans will claim that the comment was just a harmless joke, but it definitely is far from that. To deliver such a disgusting message when millions of people are fighting to live with HIV/AIDS everyday is just baffling. 

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