Thursday, May 3, 2018


Meek Mill is partially a free man after serving time in prison for violation of parole late last year. He fell victim to unlawful tactics & was treated unfairly & he wants his voice & story to be heard so other people can learn from his situation. Meek will be teaming up with rap mogul Jay-Z for a special project that will in fact bring his legal issues to the light.

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Meek & Jay will be putting together a docu-series with the help of Amazon Prime that will directly focus on his legal woes that will touch on his on going fight to be released from the Philadelphia prison. He was sentenced to 2-4 years behind bars, but is at the moment out on bail.

Jay-Z will co-executive produce the series that according to USA Today will show, "the negative effects long-tail probabtion is having on urban communities of color." “Not only will this documentary give viewers an unprecedented look at my life,” Meek said, “but it will also allow me to use my public platform to highlight the need for criminal justice reform.”

When Meek Mill first began to go through this lengthy situation last year Jay came to his defense as support.  “The sentence handed down by the Judge — against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer — is unjust and heavy-handed,” he wrote. “We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career.”

Jay speaks on how Meek's legal situation showcased a much larger issue that is going on with out government system.  “What’s happening to Meek Mill is just one example of how our criminal justice system entraps and harasses hundreds of thousands of black people every day,” he explained. “I saw this up close when I was growing up in Brooklyn during the 1970s and 1980s. Instead of a second chance, probation ends up being a land mine, with a random misstep bringing consequences greater than the crime. A person on probation can end up in jail over a technical violation like missing a curfew.” via USA Today

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