Friday, July 7, 2017


In the beginning the momentum of June's Diary's music career started off very strong, but quickly died down once fans felt that their record label Epic didn't have their best interest. For a long time fans have wondered when the ladies would release a project & just a few days ago they received the Male Edition mixtape. 

More details below.

The mixtape featured a song titled "Wrap Around" they made it's debut last September during their tour. Fans quickly fell in love with the up-tempo song & even said it had the potential to be a official single. Days after the mixtape was released the song was pulled from the project & many wondered why...?? According to rumors on social media, Epic records pulled the song because it was given to another artist, but why? Why would they take a song that has already been associated with one artist & received such positive feedback & give it to another? Could it be true that Epic simply doesn't believe in the girls or do they have an alternative plan? Either way they better get the train moving before JD becomes a thing of the past. 


  1. I'm so lost with this. They just had a superb performance at Essence! They've been touring with this song for practically a year so I don't know how it could be taken from them. I really hope things come through for them. It's so discouraging as a fan to know that they are dealing with issues like this.

  2. This is VERY disappointing theses girls are BEYOND talented I think this nasty situation with JD is deeper than we think Someone/powers that be do not wanna see these beautiful BLACK GIRLS make it! this is bull shit there's no way in hell these talented beautiful girls should not be on the radio or having an album out the industry is a filthy game The Evils are hating on June's diary that's a fact f*** the Illuminati and shame on Kelly Rowland


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