Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Ummmm, y'all need to go check on y'alls little cousin Soulja Boy and see what is going on with him. Lately, he has been beefing with just about anybody that will give him some attention. His latest victims..... Quavo from Migos and actor Shia LaBeouf. Now these beefs have seemed to come out of the blue, however, Soulja Boy seems more than ready as he posts videos with him holding guns with a little trash talk in the background. With all that is going on in the black community, does this "beef" really need to come to all of that? Can you honestly even take Soulja serious at this point?

So the beef originally started when the actor Shia LaBeouf surprised fans and sent Charlamagne The God (The Breakfast Club) a sample of his freestyle. LaBeouf actually had bars and he used those bars to call out a few people, Soulja Boy being one of those people. The actor basically just talked about the previous beef between Soulja and Lil Yachty.... and how much of a joke it was rapping, "Him and Soulja on that shout out shit". He finished the diss saying, "He's like Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Ann". 

Apparently, Soulja Boy was not feeling that freestyle and decided to respond to the actor. Of course he did what every other thumb thug does and took it to his Instagram page to call out Shia. He warned the actor that he would be "ban" from stepping a foot in Atlanta (I didn't know he had that type of pull or clout but hey, whatever works). He even told LaBeouf not to try to come to the hood either, which I don't think that he was anyway but okay. Watch Soulja Boy's rant below.

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Now if you don't know already, Shia LaBeouf is kind of about that life as well. And of course he responded to Soulja Boy, in another freestyle because it was only right. Once again the actor shows that he has bars, and that he is not going to back down that easily. I don't think anybody takes Soulja Boy too serious anyway, but you can listen to LaBeouf's response below.

Souljah has yet to respond to the actor, but he has directed his attention to someone else. He now has set his sights on Migos' artist Quavo. As of right now, it is not clear as to what started the beef, however, it seems to have Souljah super fired up. Fired up enough to make a diss track, release some texts between the two, and even posting an intimidating (or lack of) video via social media to the fellow rapper. The diss track is titled "Beef" and it is very clear as to who Soulja Boy is talking to as he calls out Quavo several times in the song. I listened to the beginning part and was over it to be honest. I think that Soulja Boy needs to take some time off and get his mind right or something. Listen to the freestyle below and also watch the video of him flashing a gun while the diss track plays in the background.


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