Tuesday, December 13, 2016


It's so cute when couples are in that fresh love stage and they absolutely can't get enough of each other. Mixing business with pleasure, Mac Miller called on bae Ariana Grande to assist with a track titled "My Favorite Part". The video shows the two falling in love, but there is a wall between them... could be hidden meaning to it, or maybe I'm just looking into it too deep. LOL 

"My Favorite Part" was featured on Miller's album The Divine Feminine, which was pretty dope by the way. What did you think? Have you heard his album yet? If not, you should definitely check it out and just thank me later. Now let's get back to this video! The cute couple filmed in an apartment building, where they are neighbors who simply are picking up on each other's vibes. Mac Miller sings to the wall while Ariana blushes and giggles on the other side. The two end up in scene where they are together, but not really together (see pic above). 

Check out the video below and I can see people now just ready to hashtag #RelationshipGoals after they see this video for "My Favorite Part". 


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