Sunday, December 18, 2016


The moment that Kelly Rowland & Frank Gatson chose the five special ladies to become who now know as June's Diary on Chasing Destiny they immediately began to carve their very own music lane. Once the show ended original music from the ladies was released & they embarked on a promo tour to present themselves to the world. Even though the tour & music received a lot of positive response than negative it looks like it just isn't enough.

For months now fans have been waiting for the unveiling of a debut EP from the group, but they have been waiting in limbo on when it will see the light of day. Fans have been showing love & support for the singing group, but begin to grow impatient with not know what's musically going on. Frank Gatson has now spoken out regarding the issue.

Find out below.

A June's Diary fan page on instagram post a video with the caption, "JDSQUAD everytime we hear The EP is coming soon WHeeeeEEEeeeEEnn! Lol!"

Gatson on was tagged in the video along with Kelly & the JD members & this is what he had to say.

It's very surprising that the ladies music hasn't launched them to the next level especially with the buzz they had in the beginning. It does make one wonder if Epic Records is doing all that they can to properly promote JD or are they solely expecting social media & the fans to do the job that they are paid very well to do!?! We can only hope that 2017 will bring a new EP followed by a studio album.

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  1. Epic shouldn't expect social media to do it because these girls didn't start out by performing on live television each week. The majority of people don't know who they are. All of us and Alright were better than lance and should've gotten videos. Lance isn't a very inclusive song and therefore the wrong move when you're trying to build a fan base. Also, all the girls are adults so the strategic blue, red & yellow hair has got to go. It's unnecessary & screams immature. Choreo is debatable. They need a few cohesive moves but nothing too intense to take away from their voices. This group is not a pop group. They are a rnb/soul group. All they need is more exposure, radio station visits, interviews, magazine features, social media presence, youtube videos of them doing covers of songs,


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