Thursday, November 10, 2016


We already know that Rihanna is a great performer, that can not be taken from her. Now we have to see how good of an actress that she is going to be. Rih is starring in some pretty major upcoming movies, hopefully these will just elevate her career even more.

It's always hit or miss when a musician decides to try their hand at acting. The move could ultimately either make or break their careers, depending on the level of the movie. Do you remember when Rihanna first did the movie Battleship back in 2012? The hate was so real then, the critics were not feeling her at all and many people just wrote her acting career off. Well, second chances are lasting chances so here she goes again, displaying her acting chops. Rihanna is currently working on two movies, Valerian and Ocean's Eight. Since we already talked about her starring in Ocean's Eight a while ago, we are going to touch on the other movie for right now.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets will not only feature Rihanna, but there are also some other superstars that will be starring in the film such as Ethan Hawke and Cara Delevingne. This film looks to be Sci-fi movie and it will be released Summer 2017. It's nice for her to have these opportunities and hopefully she does great for herself, as well as for the fans.

Will you be checking out Rihanna in her upcoming movies?


  1. All we get from her is quivering lips, bushy eyebrows and quizzical looks. Sam Claflin is the smiling goofball, whose life we have no clue about. He is shown as the ideal guy, but heck, no one can figure out why he is so sad. Maybe they decided to make him the blonde in this 123.

  2. Rihana is truly a gr8 performer and also she showed her acting skills and I personally like her. I watched her first movie on 123Movies.