Saturday, November 19, 2016


She was already the leading lady in the "Black Love" video so it's only right that Remy Ma hopped on the remix. Joining her hubby Papoose on the track, Remy opens up the track playfully asking him to let her rap. He just wants her to say her name like he says his name in songs, but she just wants to get down to the business. After exchanging "I love you's", the two drop their verses filled with all the reasons why they love each other so much.

Remy kicks off the track with brags about Papoose, including him being an intellectual, faithful, freaky, supportive boss... amongst other things, those were just the most important! LOL She also talks about him doing her hair, rapping, "he washed my hair and blow dried it, low heat". Must be nice!! Just like the song says, "Ain't nothin like black love". 

Papoose follows up and is not to be upstaged with the bragging about the mates. He talks about how he's got a ride or die chick with a good sense of humor.... and some freak in her of course. "Strong like 40 Kings and Queens with both beasts. Even though it's just two of us, we roll deep", he raps, showing how close he and Remy are.
They are best friends, in which they say often. They are one of the super solid rap couples in the industry and  display that real love at all times. I love seeing these two together and just the way that Papoose and Remy Ma look at each other let's you know it's real!

Listen to "Black Love (Remix)" below!

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