Saturday, November 12, 2016


Happy Birthday to Omarion first and foremost! The singer is celebrating the big 32 by releasing new music to the fans. This song is actual pretty personal too, so for all the nosy people that want some tea, you can take this song and go crazy with whatever you'd like to make up. He does speak on his break-up with his children's mother Apryl Jones, but doesn't get too deep in details.

You already know that when an artist goes through a break-up, that is when some of their best music is made. Omarion split from the mother of his children a few months back and now he's back to the single life so he sings about adjusting to that in his newest track. Singing, "I been only single four months, I'm just tryna get my swag back. Probably try to catch a few kids, it's like I never left, I'm right back". The relationship must have been toxic because he talks about how he could do bad by himself and how he is "better off alone". Whatever that went on between the two is definitely nobodies business but theirs, however, it's good that they can keep it amicable for the kids. 

Omarion also made a heartfelt Instagram post thanking the fans for their continuous support. He also addressed not dropping a mixtape as he would normally do since he is working on a new album. The new album will be titled Reasons and will be released early 2017. While we wait on the new album, you can listen to "It's Whatever" below.

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