Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Lil Wayne came under fire about some comments that he made during an interview about Black Lives Matter. Social media actually went crazy with their opinions and takes on the interview, calling the rapper all types of wild names. Apparently Weezy was feeling the pressure because he issued an apology to anybody that may have been offended.

If you got a chance to check out the Nightline interview with Lil Wayne, then you probably were left with a sour taste in your mouth, depending on what type of person you are. When asked about the BLM movement, his response was not what people wanted to hear, nor what they expected him to say. First off, he said that Black Lives Matter "sounds weird", then he said that "he doesn't feel connected to a damn thing that don't have a damn thing to with him". His whole comment about the BLM was very clownish to say the least as he went on talk about how he was a black rich ni**a in America so black lives clearly matter. I honestly didn't take that interview serious, I blamed it on whatever he's usually sipping out those little cups that he carries around. 

I guess the scrutiny and criticism became too much, or maybe Tunechi just realized that he needs his fans to stick around because he gave an explanation as to why those things were said. He told TMZ that when the reporter started asking questions about his daughter being labeled a b**ch and a hoe, he got agitated. He went on to say, "from there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses." The rapper ended by saying "apologies to anyone who was offended", which really doesn't sound genuine at all but hey, it is what it is. 

You can't knock a person for how they feel and that is what a lot of people fail to realize these days. You can't control a person's feelings and you damn sure can't let another person's feelings affect you and what you got going on. Hopefully Lil Wayne opens his eyes to the bigger picture and do remember that he can be humbled very fast and rich can go broke quick. 

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