Thursday, November 17, 2016


As promised, per her bae that the two would be working on their solo projects, Jhene Aiko releases new song titled "Maniac". The singer teased the song a couple of days ago with a video, giving fans a taste of what's to come. The song get's pretty nasty, but hey, who doesn't like a little nasty every now and then.

 "Maniac" basically talks about wild, unadulterated, maniac sex to sum it all up. Aiko starts the song off with, "Hop on the d*ck like maniac, head like a brainiac, gotta read the sign like a zodiac, I'm a low key freak you don't know me yet", letting you know what's up. I must admit, I liked this song..... a lot. It's get raunchier as the song goes on, but it's just grown up music though so it's nothing that you can't handle. 

"Do you wanna f*ck with a maniac? Make you fall with a maniac." 

Be on the look out for her solo project, as well as the sequel to her joint project with Big Sean TWENTY88 that is set to drop some time next year. Check out "Maniac" below and let us know if you're feeling it or not.

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