Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Wait a second..... Gucci Mane and Common?! That is definitely an unlikely pairing, but don't worry cause it worked. Gucci Mane himself seemed a little surprised about the collaboration as he raps, "Gucci Mane and Common, did you see this comin?". No we did not but we are sure here for it, and not too mention Pusha T is also on the track so it only makes this track THAT much better. Listen as the three get political and deep with this "Black America Again (Remix)".

I told y'all when Gucci first got out of prison that the line of features was probably super long and as you see, he has been working. Common originally dropped this song "Black America Again", and it featured the legendary Stevie Wonder. The remix was a pleasant switch up, which also allowed Common to give us more bars, different ones from the first track. 
Guwop opens the track and speaks on a variety of things, including his prison stint. Rapping, "woke up in a prison cell and I had a revelation, that my life's a testimony, I can be an inspiration", thus proves the reason for his change, that a lot of fans are having a hard time adjusting too. Common follows up afterward, giving a total new verse for this track. You already know how deep he can get with his flows and of course this was no different rapping, "My north star is more than a sports car, taught by the ancestors who fought for our liberation army". Pusha T closes out the song with his verse as he talks about Trayvon Martin and Christopher Wallace. He also mentions the tragedies that took place in Charlotte, Ferguson, Dallas and Brooklyn.

"Black America Again (Remix)" is definitely a dope track that you want to check out. Listen below!

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