Monday, November 28, 2016


Throughout the course of this year Brandy has been dealing with legal drama with her label home Chameleon Records & it's owner Breyon Prescott. Once the news initially hit the internet we found out through court documents that she referred to her contract with the label "slavery". Sadly, Prescott claimed that all of the legal drama was Brandy's "desperate ploy for publicity"

Last night, the Vocal Bible performed at the 2016 Soul Train Awards & rocked the stage with a 9 minute trip down memory lane. She sung renditions of her 90's hit classics like "I Wanna Be Down", & "Sittin' On Top Of The World" with the help of rapper Ma$e. In the middle of her performance dancers flooded the stage with newspapers in hand that boldly read "BRANDY FREED"

Peep the video below.

While making the announcement in front of the entire world that she was finally free from her recording contract many didn't catch the subliminal shots that she through into the atmosphere. During the performance of "Talk About Our Love" she changed up the lyrics & she sung, "What'd you hear this time? Gone & speak your mind, somebody's lying. It's always something, talkin' ish again, then your whole fanbase jumps in, now the whole grams buzzin". It definitely seems as though she is speaking about the fans of Monica. It's no secret that the ladies have allegedly had an on-going beef since the 90's, but if that wasn't enough check out Brandy's latest instagram post that was dedicated to Whitney Houston.

The part of the IG post caption that really sticks out is when she says, "Everybody wanted what we had/have and I am blessed enough to have been your friend". After her stunning & show stopping performance she was presented with the Soul Train Lady of Soul Award by Jill Scott.

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