Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It's giving season and the rappers have been in a giving mood lately as they drop new music. This time, Big Sean is up to give and that is exactly what he did, releasing not one but two new tracks. Sean released "No Interviews" and "Bounce Back"

Showing love to J Dilla in "No Interviews", Big Sean goes in on various topics that he will not be addressing in the interviews. He talks about his ex girlfriend, along with a beef with Kid Cudi that clearly confused him considering he thought that they were better than that. He just wants you to know that if you aren't talking about his music and career in a nutshell, don't bother asking about those other things during an interview.

"Bounce Back" instantly made me start dancing when it came on. The hook is definitely catchy "Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back. Wake every morning by the night I count stacks, knew that ass was real, when I hit it bounce back". Needless to say, Sean Don goes nuts on this track, per usual. The Detroit native has hella talent, you can't deny that or hate on him. He has been consistent with his grind and it has paid off for him.... like he says in "No Interviews", "I'm a king, a legend, man you niggas ain't worthy. 10 years in and a nigga still under 30"

Check out the new songs below and let us know what you think. Did you catch Sean's performance on the Tonight Show last night?

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