Friday, October 7, 2016


Willie Taylor is in feelings on his new track "Stop Time" and if you have been watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, then you already know why. Taylor sings about losing his love and his regret for doing the things that he did to make the whole thing unravel.

 If ratchet TV doesn't happen to be a guilty pleasure of yours, let me fill you in really quick. Willie's wife decided that she needed a break from the marriage when she was confronted by an alleged mistress of Willies. The mistress was supposedly stalking the wife and things even turned physical. After all was said and done, Shanda (his wife) decided that enough was enough. It's just simply like R. Kelly said, "when a woman's fed up, it ain't nothing you can do about it". 

Willie tried to no avail to win his wife back, busting out all the romantic last hope tricks, but they didn't quite cut it. Now he is pouring his heart out onto "Stop Time", which is definitely a nice track by the way. He reminisces on the moments throughout the relationship, from the first kisses, to the proposal, to when she left him. It's great to see that he is still working his music, even after the Day 26 era (they really just need to come on back cause I was all the way here for them). I kind of hate that he joined this reality show, but it gave him more exposure and I'm sure its paying some bills so whatever works! Hopefully everything works out for him but if not, then there is a lesson learned. 

Take a listen to "Stop Time" below and just get into those vocals!  

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