Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Tory Lanez is very consistent with his music releases and this time is no different. The singer/rapper released not one but two new songs, both in which he gets in his feelings about a young lady. He dropped "Look No Further" and "TIME" and both songs are definitely dope.

Lanez is definitely talented, you can't take that from him. Not too mention he has a nice little swag (I know that people don't say that anymore)..... I mean he is saucy.... in a good way of course. "Look No Further" talks about a past relationship and how he is trying to better himself for that person that he had something special with. Listen as he raps about about how she went through the lows with him, now he wants her to experience the highs as well: "We came up together, its only right we Rolls Royce the lane up together, its only right we VVS the chain cuts together, then promise me you gonna give me that same love forever".

As far as "TIME", that song was really only a snippet but I already want more. The Canadian crooner reminisces on the good times that him and his one thang used to have. Something caused her to change and he partly blames himself. The song cut off at the 1 minute, 30 second mark so I'm sure there is more to come, or maybe I'm just hoping. We will just have to wait to see! Tory is currently on tour and based on his IG page and pics, he is really loving and enjoying the tour life for the moment. Check out the new songs below and let us know what you think about them!

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