Sunday, October 30, 2016


If you have been following rap beefs, then you are aware of the one between Meek Mill and The Game. Lots of words and insults were exchanged between the two, even threats. Game made it clear that there would be no squashing of beefs, it would just have to be hands thrown on sight, however Rick Ross is saying something different. The "biggest boss" took to his Snapchat account to let the fans know that "real niggas do real things" and that basically the beef was deaded.

Apparently Rick Ross was dreaming when he squashed this beef or maybe he wasn't talking to The Game like he thought he was. According to Game's manager Wack, Ross basically does not have the clout to shut the beef down. He took to Rozay's Instagram page sending him a personal message stating, "Holla at me my ni**a, you over stepping your boundaries". He went on to say "either we holla and get this understanding that ain't no squashing sh*t, or we after you whatever way you want it". Wack also told TMZ that Rick Ross doesn't have the respect to or rank to squash that beef.

Well, that's awkward to say the least. You got Ross talking about the beef was over and how he talked to The Game personally. He even shouted out both Meek's and Game's new albums telling fans to go cop both of them. While The Game's manager is saying that a conversation never took place, somebody is definitely lying around here. Either way it goes, the beef is old news, and needs to be squashed. However, Game made it very clear that there will be no making up without a fight first. Meek Mill don't wanna fight Game, and like I been saying, this is not a beef that needs to escalate any further. Hopefully the two can reach a common ground and leave other's out of it. 

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