Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Pharrell released a new track titled "Runnin'" and I just want you to get ready to groove. This song "Runnin'" gives an old school vibe that you can bop to. When I heard the song, I instantly thought of the night club scene back in the 20's with the live bands and the nice dressed gangsters and flapper ladies. LOL Yes I let my imagination run wild but this is what the song reminded me of.

We already know that Pharrell is uber talented so this song does not come as a surprise. "Runnin'" is actually featured on the soundtrack for the movie Hidden Figures. The movie will star Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer and more and will be released on Christmas Day. The movie is about a group of African American women responsible for the success of Project Mercury as well as the Apollo 11 flight to the moon back in 1969. Hidden Figures is actually a biographical book that was made into a movie, which is a great idea. Showcase that black girl magic and show that we can be more than just beauty, we have the brains to match. 

Skateboard P made magic with this song and I was able to catch a commercial of the song yesterday. I think it was more of like a feature of the song in between shows, but it was very ironic that as I was typing this story, the song came on again. I must admit, I enjoyed watching the the mini feature of the song too. You take a listen to the track below and see if you're feeling it just as much as I am.


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