Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Keke Wyatt dropped her song "Jodeci" a few days ago and now she presents the video. I love how Keke kept it simple with the video, however, the shot above is a flick from the video.... minus that robe. Watch her work, in the new video below!

I kinda wanted the video to be a little sexier considering that the song is sexy. However, it is clear that Wyatt went in another direction and she still killed it. Keeping it simple, she shows off a bottom grill throughout the video and pairs it with a few different looks. There was the dope pair of shades that she rocked in certain scenes, and then she there is the number shown above that was worn in some scenes. She did not thug it out for the whole video like I thought she would, it was a great balance of sexy and simple.

I know some of you youngins don't know a thing about Jodeci but you should google some of their music.... then you could see why Wyatt made a song titled after the group.

Watch the video for "Jodeci" below and you can also catch Keke featured on Marriage Bootcamp with her Hubbs. Hopefully things work out for them as well (I've been watching the show and well..... I'll just keep watching to see what happens).


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