Friday, September 2, 2016


I told y'all that this "Sex With Me" is one on the hottest songs to "Rihmix" right now. First it was Maino to drop his version of the song, then Fab and Trey Songz followed up and now it is Tinashe's turn. Sit back and listen to the R&B songstress let you know why sex with her is so exclusive.

Tinashe got real raunchy with these lyrics, which is already expected considering that the song is called "Sex With Me". She sings, "Sex with me so exclusive.... All this hard work, no excuses. Pu$$y so good baby that ya stupid... Cut him off, hit a lame ni**g with them deuces". I feel like she is trying to show us her more sexier, grown up side. Especially with her video that we posted a few months go for "Superlove".
I must admit, Tinashe did her thing with this remix but I will let you be the judge. Take a listen to the "Rihmix" below!

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