Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We want to take the time to send our condolences out to rapper Shawty Lo's family and friends. The Atlanta native was killed in the early morning today in a fiery car accident. It is said that Lo was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead on the scene. Such a sad and tragic story for all parties involved.

The details are not clear as to what really caused the accident, just speculation at this time. There was also believed to be two other in the people car with him at the time, however, they are both currently in the hospital as well. Hopefully they are able to make a speedy recovery and there are no more tragedies at this point.

If you are not aware of who Shawty Lo is, let me give you a brief overview. He first started out in a group called D4L, in which they had a couple of hits, the main one was "Laffy Taffy". That song made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the most downloaded song, and I could see why cause it was majorly popping back then. 


Shawty Lo, aka Carlos Walker ended up going solo and had multiple hits under his belt as well such as, "Dey Know", "Dunn, Dunn", and "Foolish". He also attempted to do a reality show about all of his baby momma's, however, the show did not make it past the first episode. He has 11 kids with 10 different women, which is definitely pretty interesting so I don't know why the show never took off. What I do know is that now all of the kids have to grow up without their father, which is a sad situation. 

Once again, we want to send out condolences out to all of Shawty Lo's loved ones. Now lets have some flashback fun and watch a couple of videos for good memories!!

Rest Peacefully Shawty Lo.




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