Friday, August 19, 2016


Your looking for Grown and Sexy.... look no further cause you know that Maxwell provides all that you need and then some. Today the video for "1990x" was released exclusively on TIDAL (another win for them) and Maxwell definitely sets the tone for a perfect mood.
Maxwell has not released an album in seven years and "1990x" will be one of the songs featured on his newest album blackSUMMERS'night. The album features his other hit singles "Gods" and "Lake by the Ocean" as well. The album is said to be uber sexy and chill all wrapped in one. This R&B crooner provides what you call "grow folks music" that is perfect for those special moments with your special someone.

The video for "1990x" doesn't have much going on in the video. He keeps it simple as he sings to that one beauty who made the cut to be his love interest in the video. The video gives off the right amount of sexiness and could definitely make you feel some type of way. Check it out below!

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