Thursday, August 4, 2016


It's Britney Bish!! You can't have a story about Britney Spears and not start it off like that, it's so necessary! (LOL) So anywho, Britney Spears announced her upcoming album titled Glory, which would make this her 9th studio album. To get the fans ready for the album, Spears released her newest song off of the album which is titled "Private Show".

If you don't recall, you first got a sneak peek of the song during a commercial for Britney's perfume which coincidentally shares the same name as the song. You will also notice that the singer is trying to move out of her normal pop sound and is trying something new. While it may not be something your used to hearing from Brit, it's not bad at all. A lot of people have a hard time adjusting to change or something new, however, I like the song. I like that she is switching up her sound and stepping outside of her normal box.

 I will let you all hear it and you determine how you're feeling about it. Don't forget to comment below giving us your opinion. Talk to us!


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