Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It's good to see that 50 Cent can put his petty to the side to squash some of his popular beefs. It seems like 50 beefs with just about anybody who wants.... hell, you don't have to want it for him to come for you. The rapper is King Petty and you already know that if you follow any of his social media accounts. Well, the rapper decided to be a bigger person and squash not only his long time beef with fellow rapper The Game, but he also squashed his beef with Cam'ron.

It's always good when these artist decide to end the petty beefs, especially with the times we are living in, we definitely need to be more unified. Cam and 50 took to their Instagram accounts yesterday to show that the beef has been deaded. They posted a pic of them laughing  followed by their own respective captions. This burying of beef hopefully inspires others to do the same... such as Jim Jones and Cam'ron. Also, hopefully some good music comes out of all of this beef squashing cause its long overdue for all parties involved.

Check out the rapper's posts below.

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