Friday, July 29, 2016


Yes you heard that right, TBS is working on a comedy series influenced by the life of Notorious B.I.G. The show is said to feature some of the late rapper's songs in which some of the stories will relate to the lyrics. The show will show the main character growing up in an urban community and trying to survive out there.

The show, titled "Think B.I.G.", is going to show the teenager trying to find money to put food on the table for his 2 children. The creators and producers of the show Mass Appeal will partner with Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace for Notorious B.I.G. Inc. and Wayne Barrow of Bystorm Films to make this show happen. 

It's a great idea for this show to come out paying homage to a hip hop great. It is going to please Biggie fans everywhere to know that they get another chance to watch the life of Big on their tv screens. There is not a set date as to when the show will come out, however, we will for sure keep you posted.... if you're not already stalking. LOL

Will you be watching "Think B.I.G."?

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