Thursday, July 21, 2016


Okay Kehlani, we see you bouncing back and delivering great music for the listeners. The West Coast singer dropped yet another track, this one titled "Distraction". If you remember, we posted about her first song that she dropped last week called "CRZY".

This new track, I must admit, definitely gets the heads bobbing. I never actually heard her music prior to all of the drama that previously went down with her, but I can definitely appreciate the music more than the negative stuff. If you are like me, you have definitely been sleeping on Ms. Kehlani. It's easy to see why she is a Grammy nominated artist as well because she is simply talented. The singer is set to drop her album some time this Fall for the people that are anticipating more music.

Take a listen to her newest track below as she asks "Do you wanna be my distraction?". Let us know if your feeling it or feeling her in general as an artist. Will you be a newfound fan?!


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