Thursday, July 7, 2016


Joe Budden is not playing with Drake and he clearly is not going to stop until he gets a response from the rapper. Budden has released another diss track, taking shots at Drizzy for the second time. Maybe this will get a response.... give Joe what he wants!
Joe Budden is a battle rapper, that is what he does so this would definitely be a great battle to witness. I kind of wonder what Drake is waiting for, or if he even really cares (I highly doubt it). Joe says he is a fan of Drake still, he is just trying to bring out the competitive side of him. He also made an Instagram post with the rapper showing his "love" and letting Drizzy know not to let the fame get to his head.

As far is this second diss track goes, it is titled "Wake" and once again, Joe is not holding his tongue. He calls out Drake for switching up his accent and using a lot of newer artists for personal gain such as PND (PartyNextDoor), Fetty Wap and The Weekend. We can just say that Joe went hard on this track, but is it enough to make Drake respond?

Listen below and see if you think Drizzy should finally respond. Also, if you missed the first diss track, "Making a Murderer", you can check it out here.

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