Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Well okay then Jeremih, thanks for this European themed mixtape that you decided to drop. Each song has the name of a different place that the singer was able to visit, with each song giving a different type of vibe. I like how the singer tried to get in touch with his rapping side on Late Nights - Europe (he should just stick to singing though), it's always good to see somebody step outside of their comfort zone and switch things up.
The mixtape features some rap heavy hitters such as The Game and Wiz Khalifa, as well as Ty Dolla $ign who lent his vocals to a track called "Paris (Who Taught You)". I found a few favorites on this album that we can talk about but you have to listen to the mixtape for your own opinion. I think that my favorite song had to be "British Headboards" and that's because I am a fan of slow, sexy, mood music. "Belgium (Get Down)" clearly took the Chicago native back to his roots because it definitely gives off house music vibes (my Midwest people know what I'm talking about). That track will have you wanting to mildly shake something or wildly twerk something, depending on what type of person you are (I'm the twerker LOL). He also shows a little love to Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All The Way Up" at the beginning of this track.

Jeremih also tries his hand with the Dancehall craze in the song "London" which features Stefflon Don and Krept & Konan. This mixtape features 14 tracks, which starts in Dubai and finishes at "The Crib". I guess you can say that Jeremih took us on mini journey with this project and I must admit, I was here for a few of the stops. I won't give all the goodies away about the mixtape though, you will have to listen for yourself.

Listen below and let me know your favorite stop (song)!

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