Tuesday, July 5, 2016


In the wise words of the man himself, "Now that Guccis home, it's over for you Gucci clones!" The rapper came out of prison and got right to work. You can tell that Gucci Mane has been planning what he is going to do when he gets out, and I'm sure reclaiming his throne was top on his to do list. Gucci has released numerous songs since he has been home and now he dropped the video for "First Day out the Feds".
Since Gucci is on house arrest (he shows off his anklet in the video), it looks like he decided to shoot this video in his house. He takes you throughout his lavish mansion as he throws money and lets you know that he is back. It also seems as if Gucci was poking fun at the clone rumors that have been circulating around about him as well in this video.

Since the ATL rapper has been home, he has dropped songs with the likes of Drake, as well as his own solo tracks. Gucci also has an album that is supposed to drop on July 22nd which will be titled Everybody Looking.

Are you hear for the new Gucci album that is about to drop? Watch his new video for "First Day out the Feds" below.

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