Saturday, July 9, 2016


Well hello Laura Govan, you sure do have a great sense of fashion! You first met Laura on Basketball Wives LA, who was linked to Shaquille O'Neal at the time and also was engaged to basketball player Gilbert Arenas. There has been much internet drama between the exes Govan and Arenas which has been beyond messy, especially since there are a few children involved in this situation. Through all of the drama that surrounds her life, she makes sure that one thing stays on point, and that is her fashion.

Laura seemed to step her fashion game up seriously once she got a body makeover. With her new body, she showed more skin, took chances with different looks and seemed to nail each and every one of them. Even her chill look is effortless, which could just be a dope track suit. She shows that even when your a mother, you still can step out and slay every now and again.... or as she said, "Mommy needs to live too" (in the IG pic above caption). 

Govan has seemed to master the Pants Suit and Jumpsuit look, she should just make that her signature look cause she slays every time. Take a look into some of her Hawtest looks (I wanted to pick them all) below and get you some outfit inspiration.

This Jacket with the Fur collar is Everything!

Throw a Long Coat over any look to Spice it up!

Jumpsuit Slayer!

All covered up and still Sexy, just show a lil leg!

Classy with a hint of Sexy... Nailed It!

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