Tuesday, July 5, 2016


It's been a while since we have heard from the singer Brooke Valentine, but she is delivering new music like she never left. The singer dropped a new song titled "Craig" which is produced by Yonni. This new track and song artwork pays homage to the movie Friday, while the singer calls out her cheating man.
Of course this track is relatable for a lot of ladies.... and fellas for that matter so she may have a hit on her hands. The last time we heard a hit from the singer, it was the club banger "Girl Fight". Of course all girls could relate to this song and of course some bows were thrown and some thangs were swung as well. Brooke's new song "Craig" takes the listeners into the "I'm done crying" phase of being cheated on (if you have been there before, then you know what I'm talking about) with this song. If your expecting to hear her crying over being cheated on, then you are going to get the total opposite. Valentine gets raw with these lyrics letting Craig know that she is not one to be played with (after your done crying, you go into crazy mode).

Take a listen to the song below and let me know if you're feeling it. It definitely has potential to be a hot track if pushed and promoted properly! Welcome back Brooke!!

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