Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Rihanna has continues to keep the promo train for ANTI rolling with the release of the visual for "Needed Me". The song was released along with "Kiss It Better" & has gotten a better reaction then it's rollout partner. The single is currently sitting at #3 on Billboard's Hot 100 which is exactly what Riri needs to further push the albums numbers successfully. 

Watch the video below.

There are rumors circulating on the internet that Rihanna is allegedly very upset with Jay-Z because of the poor release promotion for the ANTI album. According to her former publicist Jonathon Hay he says he has found about that she is very upset about the outcome of the albums original release. Allegedly Rihanna is not pleased with the way the Tidal streaming service handled the release & also that the exclusives she gave the service affected ANTI numbers. 

Hay  shared his thoughts on the situation stating:

"For Jay-Z to make his artists do this is so bad because this is affecting their legacy. It's a really crazy and I know for a fact Rihanna is upset about the Tidal thing and you can see it when you go to her Twitter 'ANTI's rolled out was sloppy, the rollout was bad, to go on Tidal exclusively and eliminate Spotify and Apple is absolutely mad."

While Rihanna has yet to respond to this, what Hay had to say could possibly have some form of truth to it. Ri's record label Universal Music Group voiced a similar concern regarding her partnership with Tidal.

"The whole thing is absurd, would have taken responsibility if it were our error. Instead of having their flag flail around trying to revise their own media spin, maybe they should focus on serving Rihanna -- that's what we're focused on."

It's more than safe to say that ANTI has pulled in fairly decent streaming numbers, but globally it has yet to show even close to that magnitude. Music producer Cardo give some insight on a possible ANTI re-release while chatting with Complex.

"There are so many records Kendrick and I working on that's about to come out. I can't say anything beyond that, but we got a record with Rihanna. That's all I can say. I can't say anything more, but there is a Rihanna and Cardo record. 

Interviewer: She's featured?
Cardo: No, no, it's her song"

"There's another ANTI. I don't know if it's official, but I know Rihanna and I have a record."

"Interviewer: Was it for ANTI?
Cards: It was for ANTI, but there's another ANTI. I don't know if it's official, but I know we have a record. I've been working with J. Cole. We've got some sh** in the chamber."

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