Friday, April 1, 2016


Last week powerhouse vocalist KeKe Wyatt released the latest single "Love Me" from the album Rated Love that will be released on April 22nd. The song is about the love that woman yearns for from the man she is with after the passion has seemed to fade away.

Just a short week later a rapper that goes by the name of Ad Lib has remixed the song adding his very own lyrical rhymes to the heart-felt song.

Check it out below.

"We was Bonnie & Clyde, thought you would always ride / I was down for you, gave my all to you / Beggin' for your love like I was on a drug / Now I'm sitting' here searchin' for your love."

"When I first heard the song I instantly fell in love with it. I think a lot of people have been relationship where they just want the person who they are with to simply love them for everything they are. As I listened to the song it had a short instrumental in it & I thought a rap verse would go perfect, I began to write lyrics that were personal to me because I could relate to what KeKe was singing about." - Ad Lib 

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