Saturday, December 19, 2015


Over the past year the world has been seeng a lot of singer/actress Countess Vaughn as she has been a cast member on the reality show Hollywood Diva's on TvOne. Many people know of her from the popular 90's sitcom Moesha & it's spin-off The Parkers. Over the years we've grown to love her for the great talent that she has put out into the universe. While on the reality show she has spoken openly about some of her insecurities mainly that revolve around her weight & not being comfortable with herself. 

Get more details below.

Over the past months she has dedicated her life to being the best version of herself that she could possibly be. Countess has lost a lot of weight & judging by her social media accounts, she is defiantly  in a better place in her life. She took to her Facebook account to write a open letter to Brandy apologizing & recognizing her many talents & how much of a beautiful person she is. Over the years their has been many rumors that they two of them had a falling out & that's why they haven't spoken in a very long time.

I honestly think that it took a lot of courage to own up to any wrong doing that Countess felt she ever did to Brandy in the past. It takes a mature adult to recognize their mistakes & apologize with a whole heart. Hopefully Brandy gets her message & reaches out to her for a reconciliation so they can put everything behind them for good.

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